Tuning With Chinese Medicine

Tuning with Chinese Medicine is developing a series of in-person and online workshops based on the ongoing demand for information about the therapeutic use of Tuning Forks. The focus of these workshops is the application of the weighted tuning forks on the body and the use of the unweighted forks in electromagnetic energy field surrounding the body. 

Tuning Forks produce sound waves that penetrate the tissues and effectively stimulate the body’s natural ability to regenerate itself from within. They address the internal disharmony to create physiological, psychological and emotional balance. 

The courses are designed to expand on the knowledge of any tuning fork therapist/student no matter what brand of tuning forks they are using. They are being produced because of ongoing requests from people who are keen to learn the basics and are wanting a starting point for their treatments plus a ‘working knowledge’ about the systems of the body, acupuncture point location, organs and meridians etc.  A bonus feature of this offering is that you can go as deeply into it as you wish.   



The following workshops will start to launch from May 2021.


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