I get emotional thinking about the miracles that will happen as a result of your first NZ workshop and the ripple effect it will have on the rest of the world.

NZ participant

I would just like to thank you for facilitating the Biofield courses I attended.

Obviously you have done this many times which shines through with your wealth of knowledge and your easy going yet definitive delivery.

The courses were informative, enlightening, fun, and most of all, I left the practitioners course confident in what I am doing, knowing that I could go home and make a difference in other people's lives in such a profound way as Biofield Tuning! Thanks again!

Garret Jaxen - New Zealand

The Biofield Tuning courses that I attended, all three of which were led by Toni, were nothing short of life-changing for me. She has a firm hand in class, but is also very encouraging of personal exploration and sensitive to individual needs. Her obvious mastery of sound therapy is generously shared, but she doesn't neglect the perspectives of others either. I would highly recommend benefitting from some time in education with this very special healer and human being if you have the opportunity. Thank you, Toni!

Huw Lloyd - Tokyo, Japan

Biofield Tuning has changed my life. A big statement but a true one. I was fortunate enough to train Levels 1-3 with Toni in Australia. Toni brings a wealth of passion and life experience to her workshops. She is a very adept tuner with years of experience in the field. Toni has a calm, focused and loving energy which creates a very safe container for those lucky enough to find themselves in her learning environment. Her practical teaching style lends itself beautifully to this work. Toni teaches within the confines of the curricula but her encouragement of self expression is ever present. Every level I took built on my confidence from the last. Upon completion of the training I feel content that I have learnt the skills necessary to work with clients. I am inspired and excited to continue integrating these learnings into my own practice. I am so grateful for Toni and this work. 


Biofield Tuning has changed my life!  2018 I found myself undertaking Levels 1,2 and Practitioner Training. Twelve months ago I completed my Massage Diploma,  found Tuning the Human Biofield,  and the rest,  as they say,  is history!! 

I've travelled to Brisbane , Australia, twice,  to complete my levels and am now the first in New Zealand to hold the Certificate.  

Toni has, and is a wonderful tutor and mentor.  I certainly recommend the investment in this amazing modality. 

BT compliments many modalities. 

My new business,  is thriving.

Forever feel blessed to be taught by Toni Cross. 

Meeting some of the many BT students,  and receiving myself,  all part of this great experience.

Steph Hunsley, Wellspring Massage Therapy NZ

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the workshop in Inverell last weekend. Words don't really do the experience justice but to borrow one of the terms you used - miraculous - would be appropriate. I really am blown away. All of those who attended were such loving people and you really did an amazing job, Toni. Not just getting three days wrapped into two but your concise, grounded and mature approach helped make it one of the most important and valuable experiences I have had for the last 25 years!

With gratitude,


I did Level 1 Biofield Tuning in Sydney on 3rd, 4th and 5th December 2016 with Toni Cross. I have been a Practitioner of many healing modalities over past 23 years but had never used Tuning Forks and had not heard of Biofield Tuning until late October this year. When I heard and read about it I just knew I had to do the Training.

Toni is so enthusiastic about and knowledgeable and experienced in Sound Healing and Biofield Tuning and holds all the qualities of a great teacher. She communicated clearly and ensured a perfect balance of theory and practice which really contributed to grounding and integrating all the exciting information she related. She answered all our questions patiently and thoroughly. Her sense of humour was refreshing and allowed for ease and flow throughout the 3 days. I really enjoyed the 3 days and came away with a new skill (which needs ongoing consistent  practice) and a wealth of valuable information. I would highly recommend doing Biofield Tuning Training with Toni and I am looking forward to doing Level 2 with her in March 2017.


Toni is such a blessing. Her ways of teaching a complex topic and making it simple to practice and understand is nothing short of amazing. As an Emotional Therapist and certified Hypnotherapist, I am in search of ways to make healing less invasive. So much so that I am willing to invest and travel from Malaysia to Australia to take the Biofield Tuning class. After the class with Toni, I am sure that I may have found the answer in Biofield Tuning. It's absolutely fascinating on how much the forks are able to pick out from the bio-magnetic field of a human body, and address the issues! Thank you Toni!

Lina Esa Oberg

Thank you again for your generous and insightful teaching. It’s obviously a calling, not a job, for you; you really wanted people to come out of that course with knowledge and practical experience.  You were informative, instructive, helpful and patient.  Some teachers create a mystique around themselves and don’t generously share their knowledge; they tell you all about the magic castle but never give you the keys to get in. None of that ‘guru’ nonsense for you and I’m very grateful for it.

Deborah Mediator and Barrister

Within minutes of the level 1 Biofield course I new I was in competent and nurturing hands. Toni has a wonderful ability of teaching a group while noticing and catering for each individual’s nuances and capabilities. After the three days I left feeling confident and knowledgable enough to do a full Biofield session.

Peter Bajic