Emotional Disorders, Stress and Mental Health Workshop

In-Person Workshop

During this workshop participants will be guided through the Chinese Medicine theory of emotions. Each emotion will be analysed along with a range of different treatment strategies before participants move into the practical element of the workship. Various treatments will be demonstrated and then participants get into groups to practically apply those treatments on each other using the tuning forks.

We often get asked, if anything can be done to help people who are suffering from emotional disorders, stress or mental health. The good news is, the answer is a definite YES!

Traditional Chinese Medicine sees emotions as being one part of the whole that makes us human. They tie in with a range of other components such as organ function, sense organ relationships, mental activities, environmental influences and more. What this basically means for you is that if something falls out of balance in one area, it has the potential to trigger a chain reaction that damages other body systems.

“Chinese Medicine also believes that you can have either a disease that, over time, causes/tiggers an emotion, or an emotion that, over time, can cause/tigger a disease. This is important to understand becuase it tells you that emotions and disease are interchangeable.” (Hartmann 2020, p 306).

“How can someone’s human nature be corrupted? By the emotions…When the emotions are out of control human nature lives in obscuity. It is not that human nature should be blamed. Rather it is the coming and going by turn, of the seven emotions which prevent human nature from being fully developed. Yet human nature and emotions cannot be separated from each other.”

As with all our workshops, we will also delve into some of the Mysteries of Traditional Chinese Medicine.