Eight Extraordinary Vessels

Eight Extraordinary Vessels Workshop With Tuning Forks

In-Person Workshop

The Eight Extraordinary Vessels workshop will enrich your understanding of the Central Channel (Ren Mai vessel) and the Governing Vessel (Du Mai vessel) which are opened with the Earth Star and Sun Star, as well as unveiling the mystery surrounding these 8 extraordinary channels. What used to be secret knowledge is very much needed now with the extraordinary world developments including the covid situation……..

According to Claude Larre and Elisabeth Rochat De La Vallee in their book The Eight Extraordinary Meridians, these vessels are not only extraordinary but marvellous, because they do absolute marvels in our bodies. They are the very foundation of our entire energetic network.  They represent the organisation of the territory inside the body controlling the great powers of life, which create the human body and keep it in balance. They are like reservoirs between great rivers, and in the body they have the function of passages and openings between the 12 primary meridians.

The Eight Extraordinary Vessels are more ancient than the 12 Primary Meridians. When extraordinary circumstances exist outside, and the 12 primary meridians can no longer ensure the maintenance of the 12 areas of the body, there is a return to a more ancient and deeper regulation of life via the eight extras. Their role is to protect the norm, but at a deeper level. They regulate in the depths because they are the last or deepest resort.

You can begin the battle with ordinary forces, but normally can only be victorious with the use of extraordinary forces.

There is so much to learn about the Eight Extraordinary Vessels and this workshop will include a brief overview of the Vessels and their function, along with when/how to use them. This will be followed up with each of the Vessels being analysed individually. Whilst that is amazing, the kicker is that this workshop also gives you treatment tools to practically apply to each of the Vessels, via the use of your tuning forks. Imagine the possibilities or benefits that this will entail?

Eight Extraordinary Vessel diagnosis and treatment is an exciting way to look at treating your patient in clinic. They are a fascinating part of Chinese medicine and treatment. They were first mentioned in the Spiritual Pivot ( ) which was written over 2,000 years ago. Since then they have been discussed sporadically, until recently, with an explosion of new content on the Eight Extraordinary Vessels. This workshop makes sense of this new, and old, content.

“The Eight Extraordinary Vessels provide preventative mesasures against unforeseen circumstances. They help heal our deepest illnesses; they can even treat genetic diseases” (David Hartmann).

“They represent the organisation of the terriroty inside the body and control all the great powers of life which create the human body and keep it in balance” (Larre and Rochat De La Vallee 1997).

As with all of our workshops, we will also delve into some of the Mysteries of Traditional Chinese Medicine.