Personal Treatments

Distance/remote sessions
These treatments can be done at a distance by placing the client’s hologram (energy body) on the massage table and using the same biofield tuning technique for finding the stagnant energy and dispersing it. 

Distance/Remote treatments come from the ancient shamanic tradition of the application of ‘focused intention’. The distance between you and the practitioner is not a factor that needs consideration, as it is like a compassionate mental act directed toward the wellbeing of a distant person (you), who has given their permission. 

So you do not have to be physically present with your practitioner, and it is usually done at a special time that is agreed on and set aside, with discussion time allowed during or after the treatment.

In holistic medicine therapies, practitioners work with the physical, emotional, and mental aspects of a client by accessing their energy body from anywhere at any time. This means that you don’t have to be physically present with the practitioner. The necessary energy is ‘intuited’, ‘sent’ and ‘received’ by intention alone, and is instantly transmitted by the practitioner from a state of altered perception. 

In short, Distant/Remote treatments entail any form of healing energy treatment that is ‘sent’ across time and space, and is received and has a healing effect on the receiver.

In-person sessions
Allow me to check your energetic blueprint (energy field) and the effects of inherited trauma that have been vibrationally encoded in your field. I will be looking for patterns that have continually repeated in your family lines by examining your Ancestral River. 

We need to use the mighty force of the magnetic power in your electromagnetic field which can be accessed accurately via the Biofield Anatomy Map to LOCATE and RELEASE the stuck energy sitting like an electric charge on top of the record of your memories. 

The tuning forks instantaneously alter the body’s biochemistry and clear stagnant energy, bringing the nervous system and the organs into harmonic balance. Every bone, organ, tissue etc in the human body has its own resonant frequency and your body knows its factory settings, so the coherent frequency from a tuning fork will give your body the information it needs to reset itself.

Tuning forks restore your balance and well being as the resulting sound waves move through the body or the energy field. When the tuning forks are activated, the vibrations are easily directed onto your body or into your electromagnetic energy field, creating powerful states of relaxation and release from pain and stress by dispersing stagnation.  


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