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As personal mentors we will provide you with the tools, guidance, support and motivation you need to thrive in your career and reach your full potential. Mentoring is about experience and we have over 15 years of teaching Tuning Fork Therapy (to over 500 students) to bring to the table.  We are offering to impart our wisdom, share our knowledge, our practical insights and creativity to encourage you to express and develop your skills and improve your performance.  

We have the enthusiasm for sharing our expertise coupled with an eagerness to invest in others. Together we value the importance of reflective listening and empathy and we will respect what you have to bring to the table. We have the ability to give direct and honest feedback and believe that ‘hands on’ guidance is what this is all about.  It will be a journey of shared discovery.

It does not matter where or from whom you learned about tuning forks or what brand your tuning forks are. Nor does it matter whether you have no tuning forks yet, or only a couple, or whether you have a bag full of forks.  Maybe you are an acupuncturist who just wants to focus on TCM. Or maybe you are a tuning fork beginner or a practitioner. All that matters is that you want to learn. 

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If you are interested in finding out more, or would like to arrange a personal mentoring session please contact Toni for Tuning Fork related enquiries or David for Traditional Chinese Medicine – Acupuncture enquires. 

Some Of Our Happy Clients!

“Toni is such a blessing. Her ways of teaching a complex topic and making it simple to practice and understand is nothing short of amazing. As an Emotional Therapist and certified Hypnotherapist, I am in search of ways to make healing less invasive. After the class with Toni, I am sure that I may have found the answer in Biofield Tuning. It’s absolutely fascinating on how much the forks are able to pick out from the bio-magnetic field of a human body, and address the issues!”


Lina Esa Oberg

Student, Malaysia

“Within minutes of the Foundation course I new I was in competent and nurturing hand. Toni has a wonderful ability of teaching a group while noticing and catering for each individual’s nuances and capabilities. After the three days I left feeling confident and knowledgeable enough to do a full Biofield session.”


Peter Bajic

Student, Sydney

“Thank you again for your generous and insightful teaching. It’s obviously a calling, not a job, for you; you really wanted people to come out of that course with knowledge and practical experience. You were informative, instructive, helpful and patient. Some teachers create a mystique around themselves and don’t generously share their knowledge; they tell you all about the magic castle but never give you the keys to get in. None of that ‘guru’ nonsense for you and I’ve very grateful for it.”



Student, Mediator and Barrister

“Biofield Tuning has changed my life! Toni has, and is a wonderful tutor and mentor. I certainly recommend the investment in this amazing modality. BT compliments many modalities. My new business, is thriving.”


Steph Hunsley

Student, New Zealand

“I attended the Foundations training and it was truly a life changing experience for me. Toni has such a depth of knowledge and she delivered it with such patience and understanding. Toni’s teaching style is extremely practical and dynamic, she knew exactly what the group was ready for and when we needed more time with something. I’m really looking forward to the Practitioner training!”


Michelle N.

Student, Brisbane

“The courses were informative, enlightening, fun and most of all, I left the practitioners course confident in what I am doing, knowing that I could go home and make a difference in other people’s lives in such a profound way as Biofield Tuning!”


Garret Jaxen

Student, New Zealand

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