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Toni has been researching and teaching Tuning Fork Therapy for over 20 years, pioneering it in Australia since 2005, as the first teacher in Australia.  The focus on Tuning Fork Therapies Australia is the application of weighted tuning forks on the body. Toni is also qualified to teach the application of unweighted tuning forks in the energy field or biofield surrounding the body. 

The books were co-written with author David Hartmann, Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine, because of ongoing requests from students and practitioners who were still learning their acupuncture point location and who wanted a starting point for their treatments. They were designed as quick ‘ready reference’ guides, and as such they do not tell you why or how the points or the tuning fork combinations were chosen for the different treatments (which would require another whole book).

These suggestions are by no means the only way to treat the disorders. As students become more familiar with the properties of their tuning forks, they may choose to substitute or add other tuning fork combinations. Consideration needs to be made for the many variables associated with each individual client. Your choice of forks also depends on the presenting symptoms of each individual and the severity of their disorders. The focus of your treatments will be guided by the clients case history and previous diagnoses from other health professionals. 

The key with tuning forks is to remember that LESS IS MORE, and your job is to balance and relax the body so that it can heal itself. The tuning forks instantaneously alter the body’s biochemistry and clear stagnant energy, bringing the nervous system, the immune system and the organs into harmonic balance. 

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