About Toni Cross

I am an accomplished Tuning Fork practitioner and trainer, and author.

I knew as a small child that teaching was my calling. This led me to train in Physical Education and then as a Primary School teacher, which has held me in good stead to teach the simplified, practical, hands-on approach to Tuning Fork Therapy.

My history in Tuning Fork Therapies began in 2005, when I travelled to America to study Acutonics at the Kairos Institute of Sound Therapy. After 6 months, I returned home to become the very first Acutonics teacher in Australia. 

In 2011, I left Acutonics and decided to form Tuning Fork Therapies Australia so that I would be free to teach all the latest research in Sound Therapy.

Then, in 2015 I read the spell-binding work that would change the course of my life, my work and my teaching; “Tuning the Human Biofield”, by award-winning author and entrepreneur Eileen McKusick. I was so inspired by her research into our energetic blueprint (Biofield), and the effects of inherited trauma that have been vibrationally encoded, that I flew half-way around the world to study in the Vermont Biofield Training Institute. In my clinic, I had been continually frustrated by the way patterns tended to repeat in our family lines. After 10 years of experience in working with Tuning Forks on the body, I already knew about the magnetic power in our electromagnetic fields, and what a mighty force it is, but I did not know how to access it accurately until I learned of the Biofield Anatomy Map. Now I could confidently locate and release the ‘stuck energy’ sitting like an electrical charge on top of the record of the memories.

On my return from Vermont, I became the first Biofield Tuning teacher in Australia.

I have co-authored 3 Text books and 3 Study Guides with David Hartmann, Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine, contract Academic Endeavour College of Natural Health, Brisbane. 

Text books

  • First aid with Tuning Forks- Book 1
  • First Aid with Tuning Forks- Book 2
  • First aid for the Face: Beauty from the Orient. Facial Rejuvenation with Tuning Forks.

Study Guides

  • Chakra flip charts
  • Understanding and treating the 12 main Organs and their associated Meridians
  • Understanding and using the Planetary Tuning Forks

I teach Biofield Tuning Foundations and Practitioner Training and Advanced Training Module 1

Testimonial - Deborah, Mediator and Barrister

Thank you again for your generous and insightful teaching.  It’s obviously a calling, not a job, for you;  you really wanted people to come out of that course with knowledge and practical experience.  You were informative, instructive, helpful and patient.  Some teachers create a mystique around themselves and don’t generously share their knowledge;  they tell you all about the magic castle but never give you the keys to get in.  None of that ‘guru’ nonsense for you and I’m very grateful for it.